Why choose us?

Choosing Myriad Pharma is to hire an effective, responsible and quality representative for your innovative products with pharmaceutical banners’ head offices. A transparent service offering a turnkey solution to optimize product access in pharmacies.


Negotiate with pharmaceutical banners

Before its introduction in pharmacies, a product must first be approved by pharmaceutical banners’ decision makers. However, this procedure to gain a product approval is often long and strenuous. Myriad Pharma can help you obtain prompt product approval and negotiate agreements and promotional programs.

Specialized sales force for your quality products

Your products have gone through the regulatory approval process by pharma banners and now you wish to maximize their distribution in as many points of sales as possible? Contact our sales representatives, specialized in over-the-counter sales, who will explain, promote and effectively position your products during negotiations.

Information and advice

Our partners can count on us to obtain continuous feedback on their product performance and appreciation. We are their eyes and ears on the field.



Privileged contact with pharmaceutical banners’ head offices

Through the credibility and solid reputation of our managing members, we benefit from a privileged access to introduce a new product to key contacts from pharma banners, allowing you to quickly proceed to the launch of your products.

A present and dedicated sales force

The dedication of the sales representatives is essential to maximize product distribution. This level of determination is part of Myriad Pharma’s DNA and is precisely what allows us to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for our partners. Our sales force ensures its continued presence through regular visits to pharmacy managers AND pharmacists.

A credible approach

At a time when consumers are more informed than ever, we have an obligation to relay a factual, relevant and precise information to stakeholders. That is why our sales force is trained to understand all technical aspects of a product, as well as their mechanism of action before ensuring their representation.

Experienced management team

Over the years, the Quebec pharmaceutical industry went through a series of changes. Our management team is particularly proud of the market knowledge acquired by each member who, together combined, count more than a hundred years of experience. That is why we provide strategic advice to our partners and stand ready to deploy all possible efforts to achieve their goals.